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Terms and conditions of use for Effective May 1, 2012

This website has been created with the intent of allowing Users, herein referred to as "You," to quickly locate properties available for rental or leasing purposes. Our site features a powerful interface paired with the best tools in the industry to provide You the User with a positive search experience and help You find properties for rent or lease. has never been and is not currently a party to any specific terms regarding a rental contract. This site does not and will not have access to any specific agreements between our Users and property owners. We focus our services solely on providing Users with a searchable database which they can use to locate properties for rent or lease. Our services are based strictly on the terms listed in this contract without modification of any type. Your registration with and use of the database, services and website indicates Your agreement with these terms. Terms of use may be changed at any time based on our sole discretion, without prior notice to Users. functions as a database of properties available for rent or lease. We operate our site and database in accordance with all fair housing laws. is not liable for and does not take responsibility for the actions of any property owners represented on our site. Please refer to our Equal Housing Opportunity Policy for more information on fair housing laws and the steps we take to remain in full compliance with them.

Your privacy is protected and respected at all times with If You have any questions regarding how Your information is treated, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

User Content provides a service to renters and property owners by providing this searchable database of property listings. Materials submitted for our use become the property of to be used in accordance with our database and for advertising purposes. Material or Materials refers to any information submitted to our website, including content, photos, videos, rental data, property information Your name, likeness and Your image. is provided this information on a royalty-free basis to be used in perpetuity. The right of to use this information in irrevocable, sublicenseable and fully transferable. Our right to use said Materials is nonexclusive and includes our right to use, store, copy, access, display, modify, distribute, perform, reproduce, derive new works and generally use in any manner we see fit. is hereby granted the right to use the Materials in any form, including current media forms and those that may be available in the future. Compensation will not be provided at any time for the use of these Materials unless other agreements have been set forth in writing and signed by all parties.

Agreement to these terms and conditions includes Your agreement to indemnify, hold harmless and defend from any present or future expenses or claims, including any legal fees that may arise from the use and distribution of Materials in conjunction with our website or services. is not required legally or morally to monitor content provided to the site by Users, but reserves the right to remove any submitted content that is deemed offensive, illegal or otherwise objectionable.

Interactive Areas provides Users with public opinion areas hereforth referred to as "Forums." Interactive in nature, Forums include comment areas, bulletin boards, blogs, Forums and chat rooms. Use of these interactive areas is reserved for Users over the age of 18. The intent of these areas is to provide Users with an area where they can share ideas, discuss personal experiences and express their own opinions. does not promote these areas as being accurate or reliable. Users are encouraged to use their own judgment regarding the information in these areas. Users are expected to be respectful of other Users and refrain from the use of hateful, vulgar or abusive language. Users are reminded that Fair Housing laws and regulations are to be honored, upheld and obeyed at all times. Forums may not be used for solicitation, advertisements or displaying promotional Materials in any way, shape or form. Materials that are proprietary in nature or protected by copyright shall not be used without the express permission of Use of such Materials may result in the removal of said Materials along with civil and criminal liabilities. Users are reminded that information posted on Forums will be public and as such will be available or all Users and administrators to view. Information that Users do not want made public should not be placed on any of the interactive areas. is not liable for and will not be responsible for damages resulting from the posting of information in public areas or the manner in which any third party may choose to use that information. Rights is not able to monitor and is not responsible for every piece of material submitted and posted to the site, including information posted to Forums. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, You agree that You will not hold liable for Materials displayed on the site and You further agree that site administrators have the express right to review, modify, edit, remove or delete any Materials placed on the site at our own discretion, for any reason, at any time, without notice to You and without personal liability to

Warranties and Representations
Users of this site hereby warrant and represent the following:
a) That You have the necessary rights, authority and permission to submit any Materials transmitted to or provided to the site
b) That the Materials are accurate, complete, current and legal
c) That the Materials do not in any way infringe any copyright, patent, trade secret, trademark or general intellectual property right of any third party, which may or may not be in contractual relationship with You.
d) That the Materials submitted to the site and Your use of the site do not violate any laws, specifically the Fair Housing laws, and that Your use of the site is not in violation of any agreements between Yourself and any other third party.
e) That You are of legal age to enter into a binding legal contract, that You understand the contract and that You will abide by the rules set forth herein.
f) That You are not barred from receiving the services of or products offered by the same company.

You agree that, its directors, employees, agents, officers and contractors are not responsible for and will not be held liable for the Materials You provide to the site, Your use of the site and its content, any breach of these Terms committed by you, or the final results of any contract, purchase, sale or lease entered into You between You and any third party. and its agents are not liable for any claims, costs, expenses, damages, legal fees, attorneys’ fees or other liabilities that may arise from use of the site.

Prohibited Activities
a) Materials submitted must not be offensive in any way; it should not promote racism, hatred, physical harm, bigotry or any other type of discrimination against any group, legally protected or otherwise.
b) Materials submitted shall not be harmful to minors in any way
c) Materials shall not harass other parties or advocate said harassment
d) Transmission of junk mail, spam, advertisements for third parties, mass mailings are prohibited. The collection of personal information from other Users is prohibited without that User’s express consent.
e) Materials that are false, misleading, libelous, defamatory, obscene or threatening are expressly prohibited.
f) Materials shall not contain hidden images, secret pages, restricted images or password-only access.
g) Materials showing pornographic images or sexually explicit material of any kind, real or otherwise artistically created.
h) Materials containing instructions on illegal activities, including but not limited to making weapons, obtaining User data or creating computer viruses.
i) Materials containing Trojan horses, viruses, worms or any form of malware.
j) Any attempt to gain personal information from other Users, including passwords an any other User data.
k) Advertising for third parties and unauthorized commercial activity of any kind.
l) Use of any computer systems or software, including but not limited to spiders and robots, to take Materials in any way, shape or form and use them for another purpose.
m) Use of any device, software or other technology to interfere with the regular functions and stated purpose of
n) Any attempts to reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile the site or the software used on
o) Actions that will put an unreasonably large load on the site or database.
p) any use of the site for noncommercial or personal purposes

Third Party Services
Part of our searchable database includes links to third party sites. is not responsible for and will not be held liable for any acts, omissions, offenses performed by third parties we provide links to. Said links are provided strictly for the convenience of the User and are supplied purely as a reference. The inclusion of any link on the site does not indicate that we are providing an endorsement of any site, the sponsoring company or their services.

Service Changes
The owners and administrators of reserve the right to change, modify, discontinue or alter our services in whole or in part at any time, at our own discretion and without providing notice to Users.

Obligations of Registered Users
As a registered user of as someone looking for a property to rent or lease, You agree to the following:
a) That You are of legal age to enter into a binding legal contract
b) That You are using the services of for the sole purpose of finding a property to rent or lease in the United States.
c) That You do not have any contract, exclusive or otherwise, with any Real Estate agent to represent You.
d) You agree to be contacted electronically via Email by and other third parties in connection with the service offered by the host site.
e) You recognize that highly recommends that You perform Your own research using consumer, public and government agencies before entering into any rental contract or lease agreement.

Termination reserves the right to monitor Your use of the site for any breach of our Terms of Use. We may at any time terminate Your access, without notice and without explanation if we feel that you have violated this legally binding contract.

Users may cancel their service at any time by sending written notice to You may also unsubscribe from our database and services by clicking on the Email Preferences link or selecting the opt-out link that is included in Emails sent by

The contents shared within the website are protected under copyright laws. All Rights Reserved. A registered trademark of Rev Impact, Inc. will respond to any and all claims of intellectual property or copyright infringement. Notices of alleged infringement will be fully investigated and further steps as required or allowed under the current laws will be taken.

Disclaimers and Limitations receives information from Users and trusts that the policies set forth in these Terms and Conditions will be upheld, that the information will be accurate and legally allowed. Because information can be posted by third parties, does not take responsibility for errors, incorrect information or offensive information that may be posted by said third parties. holds the right to monitor, alter, delete or remove any information on the site at any time and without notice to the Users. is not liable for or responsible for errors, misrepresentations or omissions in the Materials submitted to the site. Property-specific information including availability, features, rent rates and floor plans are subject to change at any time and You should always verify this information with the property owner. Rentals are always subject to approval based on requirements of the property owner in accordance with Fair Housing standards. Information delivered through the site and opinions listed in the forums by users do not constitute the express opinion or business practices of

The web site and the information provided herein are provided without any implied or implicit warranties. All information, data, software and products are offered purely "as is." This site disclaims any warranty, express or implied, regarding the website, the information contained on the site, the practices of third parties or the final product received by the consumer. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, You agree to use the site "as is," without any warranty. is not responsible for any negative consequence of using the site, including personal harm, damages, liabilities, legal suits, attorneys’ fees or other harm. We do not take responsibility or liability for the use of our services, including any delay or inability to use the website. Information, software, services and products are offered purely "as is," without warranty and without guaranty. We are not responsible for breach of contract, negligence, tortious behavior, negligence or any other harm that may arise, foreseen or unforeseen, from the use of

Delays or Errors is not to be held responsible for any delays in accessing the site or Material errors that may be present at any time within the site, including rent rates, floorplans and availability.

Other Terms
By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you further agree to the following:
a) is deemed to be based in New Jersey and is bound only by the laws of Essex County, New Jersey and applicable federal regulations, regardless of Your state of residence.
b) is a passive website that does not have any jurisdictional authority in areas outside of New Jersey.

The Terms and Conditions as outlines above are based on and subject to the laws of the State of New Jersey. Claims or disputes filed between You and shall be heard before the legal courts of Essex County, New Jersey and ruled upon in that jurisdiction. These Terms and Conditions are supplements by our Privacy Policy and any other legal notices published openly on the website. If any part of the total Terms and Conditions shall be found invalid or unenforceable in a court of law, including but not limited to the warranty disclaimers and all state liability limitations, then the portion of the policy deemed unenforceable or invalid shall be superseded by a provision most closely matching the intent of the original which is enforceable and valid in accordance with court rulings and requirements. shall not offer any waiver of these Terms for any reason, and our failure to assert our rights or provisions shall not constitute any form of waiver of said rights. It is the responsibility of all Users to review these Terms regularly for changes, as they are subject to change without notice or approval from Users. You further agree that any cause of action related to or arising out of the use of our site must be taken within one calendar year. If action is not taken with one year, such action will be barred on a permanent basis.

A printed copy of these Terms and Conditions is available and can be delivered to you upon request through electronic means. All rights not specifically considered or granted here are reserved.

Use of the site requires that You agree to these terms and conditions. If You do not agree to the Terms and Conditions as stated herein, please exit the site immediately.

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