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1322 Beacon Ridge Drive Charlotte, NC 28210
1322 Beacon Ridge Drive
1 BR $607+
2 BR $729+

Welcome home to Beacon Hill, an apartment community with a big...

6035 Nations Ford Road Charlotte, NC 28217
6035 Nations Ford Road
1 BR $1080+

Enjoy a furnished studio at an exceptional price with FREE...

6940 Hidden Forest Drive Charlotte, NC 28213
6940 Hidden Forest Drive
1 BR Call
2 BR Call

Great Specials Available Now .

6310 Ansley Falls Drive Charlotte, NC 28217
6310 Ansley Falls Drive
1 BR $930+
2 BR $1100+
3 BR $1330+

Ansley Falls Apartment Homes are located in stunning Charlotte...

5826 Reddman Road Charlotte, NC 28212
5826 Reddman Road
1 BR $615+
2 BR $745+
5830 Westpark Dr. Charlotte, NC 28217
5830 Westpark Dr.
1 BR $1152+

Enjoy a furnished studio at an exceptional price with FREE...

5821 Reddman Road Charlotte, NC 28212
5821 Reddman Road
1 BR $570+
2 BR $655+

Lion's Head -- Special Limited Time Rates.

4605 Colony Road Charlotte, NC 28226
4605 Colony Road
1 BR $830+
2 BR $1030+
3 BR $1135+

Imagine a picturesque, wooded setting just minutes from all of...

625 Cameron Walk Court Charlotte, NC 28217
625 Cameron Walk Court
1 BR $915+
2 BR $1075+
3 BR $1210+

It's been said that location is everything when choosing a place...

905 Pineville Point Avenue Charlotte, NC 28217
905 Pineville Point Avenue
1 BR $746+
2 BR $918+
3 BR $1029+

Charlotte NC Apartments There is a perfect place for convenient...

6001 Bennettsville Ln Charlotte, NC 28262
6001 Bennettsville Ln
1 BR $715+
2 BR $900+
3 BR $1065+

Welcome to Landmark at Mallard Creek luxury apartments...

1207 Kelston Place Charlotte, NC 28212
1207 Kelston Place
1 BR $725+
2 BR $775+
3 BR $920+

Stanford Reserve Apartments is nested in a tranquil, wooded area.

5723-2 Cedars East Court Charlotte, NC 28212
5723-2 Cedars East Court
1 BR Call
2 BR Call
3 BR Call
4908 Endolwood Rd Charlotte, NC 28215
4908 Endolwood Rd
1 BR $674+
2 BR $764+

Located in Charlotte near WT Harris Blvd is Kimmerly Glen, an...

6614 Wisteria Drive Charlotte, NC 28210
6614 Wisteria Drive
1 BR $610+
2 BR $700+
3 BR $830+

GRAND OAKS Apartments and Townhomes.

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Charlotte NC Apartments

Apartment Rentals in Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte, NC apartment market is one which offers an array of possibilities, depending upon what is most important you. While many people are more concerned with price, others consider size, location and amenities or features offered. To begin your search for an apartment for rent in Charlotte, NC you would do well to look through the numerous free publications that are offered advertising apartments for rent in the local area, or the online resources available that offer information about available apartments.

Rather than simply considering the monthly rent when you are searching for an apartment rent, it can often be a good idea to review the square footage of each option versus price. This can often be a better way of determining whether you are getting a good deal. You should also consider the amenities offered at each apartment option compared to the monthly rent.

While monthly rent is an important consideration for most prospective tenants, especially in the current economy, it is also important for many people to consider location. Given gas prices, if you are going to be driving to and from work, it may be a wise idea to look for an apartment that is near your workplace. You should also consider whether the apartment in question is within a short distance of shops and stores you frequent. In addition, consider whether there are services, entertainment venues and restaurants in the nearby area. If you prefer to use public transportation, find out whether there are convenient routes near the apartment options you are considering in Charlotte, NC.

Even though amenities and features such as a swimming pool and fitness center can be important advantages when you are searching for an apartment, an often overlooked benefit is 24/hour maintenance. Although it might not seem important at first, if you should have any type of problem it can quickly become a great advantage to live in an apartment that offers maintenance service around the clock. Finally, consider the helpfulness and efficiency of the staff employed at the apartment building. Helpful office staff can go a long way toward making your time in any apartment a pleasant experience.

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