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Having a Good Relationship With Your Landlord

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It's a known fact that landlord/tenant relationships can sometimes be strained and uncomfortable. This can put much unnecessary stress on everyone involved, and can affect every aspect of your living situation. Thankfully, though, a shaky relationship with your landlord can be prevented. By following these simple guidelines, your relationship with your landlord can be one of mutual respect and understanding.

Pay Rent in a Timely Manner

This rule is simple: Pay your rent in full when it's due, and not a day later. While it's true that sometimes being late with the rent is unavoidable, it should be paid on time 99.9% of the time. When it comes to paying rent, put yourself in your landlord's shoes: you wouldn't provide a service or goods without expecting prompt and complete payment, would you? Well, your landlord expects to be paid in a timely manner as well, and rightfully so.

If for some reason you come up short at payment time, communication is key in preventing awkwardness and misunderstanding. Let your landlord what's going on instead of simply avoiding the issue until you're able to pay your rent.

Follow the Rules

This is another no-brainer. Rules set in place by your landlord or management company should always be followed to a tee. Rules concerning parking, painting and construction, guests, noise, etc. should be respected at all times. If these rules are ignored just once, your landlord may assume you're a troublemaker who plans on breaking the rules all the time. This can not only lead to a strained relationship, but to eviction and a refusal to renew a lease as well.

Respect Your Neighbors

Neighbors are extremely close in apartment buildings. They share your walls, your parking areas, your hallways, your yards and other areas. For this reason, you should always be kind, polite and courteous to your neighbors and their guests. Failure to do so could lead in complaints to your landlord, and nobody wants that.

Communicate with Your Landlord

Good communication is key in any successful relationship, and this includes the one between you and your landlord. If there's a problem, get in touch quickly, and follow up until action is taken. Most of the time, landlords would rather learn of a problem sooner than later. This is especially true of maintenance issues that can worsen with time, but includes any other problems you may encounter as well.

Respect Your Landlord's Property

Total disregard of property is usually one of a landlord's biggest concerns. By taking the proper care of your rental, you can avoid your landlord's scrutiny and, possibly, having to pay for damages. Taking care of your apartment also includes staying on top of maintenance and repairs, so try to never be lax in these areas.

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