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Green Apartment Living is Within Your Reach

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Apartment dwellers typically bear responsibility for at least a portion of their utility bills, including those for water, electricity and perhaps even gas. A great way to lower those expenses while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment is to integrate green living practices into everyday apartment life. To accomplish this goal, major adjustments are likely unnecessary, as all it really takes to make a positive difference is to adopt a sense of awareness about the small things that can be done to help the planet.

An easy method of lowering electricity bills is to always unplug electronic gadgets or appliances that are not in use, including phone chargers, microwaves, computers and stereo equipment. Always keep in mind that appliances continue to consume energy when plugged into an outlet, even when not actually being operated. It is also important to remember to shut off any unnecessary lights whenever feasible. It is possible to realize surprisingly significant utility savings by doing these few simple tasks each day.

Some additional methods of achieving reductions in electric bills and environmental impact include making use of compact fluorescent light bulbs in place of incandescent ones, limiting air conditioning and furnace use, and utilizing cold water for doing laundry as often as practicable.

Apartment dwellers should also appreciate the importance of consistent recycling. It is quite common for apartment buildings to provide recycling receptacles for resident use. In fact, some jurisdictions actually require apartment managers and owners to do so. Anyone who lives in a state where recycling containers have been made mandatory for apartment complexes, and whose landlord has not made appropriate provisions should not hesitate to notify municipal authorities of the issue. If there are no applicable regulations or ordinances in place, it is wise to consider raising the topic with the property manager and make a formal request for recycling bins. The bottom line is that there really is no justification for dumping a magazine, newspaper, can or bottle into the trash when it could instead be recycled with great ease.

It is also possible for apartment residents to have a significantly positive impact on the planet simply by adjusting the manner in which they do their housecleaning. A great way to do this is to buy cleaning products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and made with environmentally friendly components. Such items can be found through online resources as well as in health food stores and organic produce markets.

Clearly, there is no shortage of techniques through which those living in apartments can lead a greener lifestyle and still create a beautiful place to call home. Additional methods of reducing environmental impact when away from home include choosing hybrid vehicles instead of traditional ones, using public transport as frequently as possible, buying products that integrate recycled materials and purchasing locally grown produce. Making the commitment to incorporate a small number of minor adjustments to a daily routine has the potential to result in truly impressive benefits for the planet.

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