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6600 McKinney Ranch Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85070
6600 McKinney Ranch Parkway
1 BR $917+
2 BR $1329+

The Mansions McKinney provides nothing but the most deluxe...

77 W Coolidge St. Phoenix, AZ 85013
77 W Coolidge St.
1 BR $715+
2 BR $890+

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, The Monarch Apartments is a...

8028 S. Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85040
8028 S. Central Avenue
0 BR $399+
1 BR $429+
2 BR $559+

Arbor Village is your perfect choice for your new apartment home.

4530 E McDowell Rd Phoenix, AZ 85008
4530 E McDowell Rd
1 BR $727+
2 BR $855+

Papago Crossing To learn more please email Leasing Team with...

2045 W. Tuckey Lane Phoenix, AZ 85015
2045 W. Tuckey Lane
2 BR $750+

North Palms Townhomes offers beautiful and affordable 2 bedroom...

6515 W. McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85035
6515 W. McDowell Rd.
1 BR $730+
2 BR $840+
3 BR $1020+

Who doesn't want to live surrounded by breathtaking views, lush...

Dunlap Phoenix, AZ 85051
0 BR $599+
1 BR $565+
2 BR $625+

Conveniently located in Phoenix, Villa Serena offers the the...

Tierra Buena Ln Phoenix, AZ 85053
Tierra Buena Ln
1 BR $585+
2 BR $675+

Located in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona Avalon Hills has the...

17625 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85022
17625 North 7th Street
1 BR $684+
2 BR $794+
3 BR $894+

BreckenRidge Condominium Rentals offers the perfect blend of...

217 W. Osborn Rd Phoenix, AZ 85013
217 W. Osborn Rd
1 BR $945+

Enjoy a furnished studio at an exceptional price with FREE...

77 W. Coolidge Street Phoenix, AZ 85013
77 W. Coolidge Street
1 BR $640+
2 BR $828+

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, The Monarch Apartments is a...

4802 N. 19th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85015
4802 N. 19th Ave
1 BR Call
2 BR Call
3 BR Call


909 West Colter Street Phoenix, AZ 85013
909 West Colter Street
0 BR $665+
1 BR $755+
2 BR $925+
3421 E. Elwood St. Phoenix, AZ 85040
3421 E. Elwood St.
1 BR $1012+

Enjoy a furnished studio at an exceptional price with FREE...

3833 North 30th St Phoenix, AZ 85016
3833 North 30th St
2 BR $819+

Jamestown is affordable luxury in the heart of Phoenix.

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Phoenix AZ Apartments

Apartment Rentals in Phoenix, AZ

The market for apartment rentals in Phoenix has been elevated for the last few years as a result of the economic downturn, which has hit the Phoenix metropolitan area harder than the national average. Much of Phoenix?s economic growth in the first few years of the new millenium was dependent on new home construction. When the real estate bubble burst, many new homeowners were left with no choice but to downsize and become apartment renters.

Fortunately, as apartment construction has become one of the few remaining profitable construction projects in the Phoenix area, there is still wide availability for apartment rentals. The Phoenix metropolitan region boasts a number of distinct cities, each with its own lifestyle. The wide range of experiences in each of these cities means that it relatively easy for apartment renters to obtain the lifestyle that they are looking for.

The city of Phoenix is the sixth-largest city in the United States when measured by population, making it a perfect choice for the apartment seeker looking for a big-city experience. Residents in the city can enjoy many of the benefits of life in a big city, including major league professional sports, exciting nightlife, and a well-developed public transit system, including a new light rail line. Apartments in Phoenix range from single-person studios to multi-bedroom units suitable for family living.

Those looking for a younger, more collegiate atmosphere should look no further than Tempe. Situated on the eastern side of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Tempe is home to Arizona State University, and many of its residents are students who have chosen to live off-campus. Tempe?s apartment inventory is geared towards these students.

For those apartment seekers with more upscale tastes, the city of Scottsdale beckons. Located to the immediate northeast of the city of Phoenix, Scottsdale has been referred to as a western version of South Beach in Miami. Apartments here are pricier and have more amenities than other locations in Phoenix, but for those who are willing to spend a little more, Scottsdale is a fantastic choice.

Apartment seekers looking in the Phoenix area have a wide range of choices. With the right effort, anyone can find the home that is perfect for them.

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